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We believe you are a Valued Customer that deserves nothing but the best service possible. Here at Tuilla Valley Information and Technology Services, we have designed an 18 Point Checklist. This allows us to be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that everything has passed our inspection prior to the return of your system.

  • Visual: Inspect your system for any obvious signs of damage(s)
  • Fan: Inspect fans since they are a frequent cause of overheating and system failure
  • Power Supply: Inspect the power supply is operating correctly; often the cause of computer lockups
  • Connections and Cables: Inspect internal cables and connections; also examine all external cables connected to your computer (onsite only)
  • Dust: Dust removal – Dust clogs air passages and causes overheating issues /or circuit failure
  • Audio / Video: Inspect that the sound & video cards are functioning correctly
  • Memory: Inspect for any memory issues
  • Hard Drive: Inspect the hard disk drive for any imminent failures where possible; with internal moving parts and a limited lifespan; with a 100% certainty your hard drive will fail at some point
  • CD-ROM / DVD-ROM: Inspect the optical drives for excessive vibration & reads
  • Operating System Errors: Inspect the OS & System for any errors
  • Anti-Virus and Security Status: Inspect your security software is up-to-date
  • Windows & Driver Updates: Inspect to see if you have all the required windows updates and appropriate drivers for your system
  • Disk Defragmentation: Inspect your hard disk to see if it is defragmented which will impede on system performance
  • Network Adapters: Inspect to see if it is functioning properly
  • Virus Scan: Scan your computer for Virus
  • Spyware Scan: Scan your computer for Spyware
  • Rootkit Scan: Scan your computer for Rootkit
  • Documentation: Provide documentation on all findings and inspections

*Be assured we will consult with you on all findings, changes and upgrades that can make your computers run better and more reliably.